A new bridge was needed at Barmbek’s S-Bahn (rapid transit line) station in Hamburg, Germany in order to allow freight and human traffic to safely cross.

Work on the railways is always carefully timed and designed to happen with as little disruption as possible to companies moving freight and commuters.

The €22 million, 100 meter long, 20 meter high and 1,400 tonne arch-suspended bridge was constructed off-site and waited patiently for its installation next to the tracks to allow them to remain in use.
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On the 14th of November the work began on removing the ageing 100m of elevated railway where the bridge was to be installed.

The bridge was lowered into place on the 20th, the first test trains ran over the newly-laid tracks on the 23rd, and even with some delays due to storms, passenger trains were again freely travelling over it by the 26th of November – bringing back easy travel from Hamburg Airport to all the freshly-opened Christmas markets.

Local residents appear pleased with the new bridge, and presumably also with the renewed sound-proofing!