The new Klubhaus in Spielbudenplatz isn’t only a collection of several bars, nightclubs, a roof bar, a theatre and a radio station (as well as some office space) in one – its façade is also one very big screen covering 700 square meters!


It is however more than just a screen. The majority of the space is taken up by specially-made LED panels built by Multivision which display effectively a full image to viewers, but still allow people inside to see out.

Each panel contains many RGB LEDs, all angled and fitted with special lenses to give the best view from the Spielbudenplatz below it. There are over 1,650 horizontal lines altogether, making the display significantly higher-resolution than a 1080p TV and most PC monitors!

Here’s a video of the opening display at a slower pace, by the makers of the LED-encrusted elevator shaft glass, ONLYGLASS: