The Results

The best way to promote our work is to show you.

Please browse the sections above to see our Time Lapse, Aerial & Panorama galleries and a list of our happy Clients.

GIF created by Sploid (Gizmodo) of the MK timelapse Blohm + Voss Balmoral cruise ship extension video
Animated GIF created from our video by Sploid for their article.


During the Project

From the moment our cameras start recording, we are happy to provide you individual stills for publication, a customised web link and also fully edited preliminary versions of the timelapse movie for milestone presentations, events and other occasions (for example, a preliminary film of the Elbphilharmonie’s construction was shown at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai).

In addition, we work hard to guarantee the very best working practices as we carry out the installation, dismantling and maintenance of our cameras on your sites, as well as the delivery of the final video and/or raw files to you:

Safety On Site

  • We are aware of and trained in construction site safety.
  • Cameras are anchored securely with several levels of redundancy.
  • We have our own safety equipment; helmets, boots, harnesses, ropes, life-jackets and ‘hi-viz’ vests.


  • We are ready to field any questions you have regarding our cameras.
  • All cameras are monitored remotely by us to guarantee proper function.
  • We are a multinational company speaking English, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Your Rights

  • All usage rights of recorded images pass to you and your partners.
  • You can trust our encryption with your most sensitive images.
  • Work can be done in post-processing to remove sensitive footage or areas within the frame.

Max Moos at Crescent project in Baku