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Time lapse films are very versatile.

They are ideally suited to show the construction progress on project websites, social media channels and newsletters.

At trade fairs, they are a great companion to renderings and even function as standalone presentations.

They can be displayed at construction events, in lobbies, info points, in museums or elsewhere as permanent installations.

A prerequisite is the capture of high quality images - a webcam is not enough.

P1120073_edit - Kopie (Medium).jpg


Our highly-specialised and reliable MK timelapse camera system with no moving parts is the world’s only time-lapse camera recording with an interval of one image per minute, 24 hours a day.

This gives our footage soft light transitions through beautiful twilight hours instead of deep shadows tearing through the scene – avoiding visually disturbing flicker in the footage.



During editing, the finished movie is pieced together from the raw images. Working with so much data is laborious, but the results are clearly worth the time spent.

Only in careful post-production can the images be made perfectly continuous by stabilization, color correction, sound and titling. We invite you to explore other construction videos online to see what makes us different.

timelapse camera baku (Medium).jpg


With our cameras mounted on mountain summits, wind turbines, at shipyards, in desert areas and at high-profile events – we have accumulated the experience to ensure we get the best camera angles for success.


Our clients trust us to select the appropriate camera locations and mounting solutions, while being sensitive to highly confidential or time-critical projects.

Showroom - Woodstocx
Showroom - Voest Alpine
Showroom - Torre Reforma
Showroom - Stadium Khalifa
Showroom - Skybridge
Showroom - Siemens


MK siteview is a powerful monitoring tool that gives you a comprehensive overview of your construction project every day. We will gladly set up a link or micro-site for inclusion on your website to allow the general public to follow your flagship projects.


The high-resolution images can be browsed by date and downloaded to your computer, emailed, compared in detail or assembled into auto-generated timelapse clips.

We can set up multiple users, with access rights determined by you. We can hide image areas, add a delay to the archive - even third-party material can be hosted by us to provide you with a single tool that gives an overview of all your projects.


Alongside our flagship high-resolution time-lapse camera systems, we can also offer a streaming webcam - often wanted for the purposes of security. This records rolling video footage, which is deleted after a certain period of time.


We can use stills footage from this camera for your image archive and for portions of time lapse films too, with any visible personal details pixelated or blurred. The quality of this footage is much lower than our in-house camera systems, but can still add interest to the main time lapse film.

As an example, the specifications of one of the cameras we use for this purpose are as follows:

  • High quality imaging with 8 MP resolution

  • Excellent low-light performance

  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology

  • Clear imaging against strong back light

  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)



We work closely with our clients to best understand the specific requirements for each project, and provide an efficient solution.


Since hardware and software are developed by us, we can offer special solutions for demanding projects.


You tell us your requirements, then together we will put together a comprehensive plan which complements your project.


From determining the best accessible vantage point and commissioning the camera to multiple-format film delivery and everything in between.

To get started, contact us!


We bring our tailor-made systems to your site and once installed, co-ordinate with the office to fine-tune the camera – not leaving site until the client is satisfied with the image.


You then gain access to the web interface and archive. Images are transferred here over the mobile network from the camera’s internal database.


We are always connected to our camera systems. Any image deterioration is quickly identified and dealt with. We can remotely adapt or upgrade the camera to change with your project.


We guarantee the camera’s operation over the entire project while also using fully certified industrial parts for the highest level of reliability.


Interim videos can be provided to display progress at milestone events or to your share-holders – from 90-second tablet versions to those suitable for cinema-scale displays, we tailor the footage to your needs.


The finished movie is delivered to you digitally in any format you desire, along with the embed code should you want to include it on your website.

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