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The MK range of cameras are highly specialised systems, developed and built by us solely for use as time-lapse cameras.

It is the only time-lapse system able to generate millions of photo-quality images with no signs of wear.

This raw material forms the basis of a cinematic time-lapse production.



  • 40 Megapixel resolution MK V4
    50 Megapixel resolution MK V4II
    80 Megapixel resolution MK V5

  • Wear-free, electronic shutter

  • 1 image per minute captured continuously

  • Bursts of 1 frame per second available (with notice)

  • Mirrored internal storage

  • Multiple recovery mechanisms

  • Resumes automatically after power loss

  • Online connection via dual sim 3G/4G Router, WiFi and/or Ethernet

  • IP65 protective housing, powder-coated aluminium, sun visor

  • Tempered abrasion-resistant glass

  • Screen wipers with 24-month fluid reservoir tank

  • Optional dehumidifier membrane (for tropical temperatures)



Please view or download documents that may be of use to you.

The Bid Specification Example is intended as a guideline document for high quality timelapse installations. These specifications are met or exceeded by several other suppliers.

Need more information that isn't visible here?

Please contact us!



We have a large array of mounting possibilities at our disposal to fit the various challenges of getting the best view of our clients' projects.


From heavy-duty tripods, through scaffold-compatible mounts and custom-made stainless steel brackets, to 10m (33') truss towers and ex-military 25m (82′) mobile towers.

Our installations are stable and secure to eliminate any vibration and remain firmly in place through severe weather from storms to extreme heat. Additional security is provided by steel cables.

Telescopic lattice tower details:

  • Up to 25m continuously extendable

  • Set up time about 1-2 hours

  • Weight 4000 kg

  • Off-road capability

  • Solar power and battery bank for independent operation

  • All-weather, 24/7 operation



MK siteview is a powerful monitoring tool that gives you instant access to your project, from any browser.

It offers the following features:

  • Overview map of projects and cameras within a project

  • Thumbnails of images browse-able by date and time

  • Images all zoomable to full 1:1 pixel resolution

  • Download or email chosen images

  • Tool for comparison of multiple images in detail

  • Auto generated video from archive images

  • Password-protected multiple-user access management

  • SSL-encryption for secure and private data transmission

  • Local meteorological and technical data reporting

  • Option to censor/blur portions of the image

  • Tile view to see all cameras’ latest images at once

  • Full screen view for display purposes

  • Customisable with client logo



What is the benefit of working with very high resolution pictures?

A single camera can give both an overview and a detailed close up.

Click on the 40 Megapixel picture from an MK V4 system in Vienna to see more detail. 

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens



Server Infrastructure

The raw data from our camera systems is stored on our RAID-5 server, then mirrored and housed separately on a back-up array. After completion of the project, all media is securely archived.

For projects with special security requirements, a data store can be set up to save the data additionally or exclusively on the client's premises.

Online Archive

In parallel with the storage of the raw data, we upload images to an online archive for our clients. The transmission is encrypted and the data is hosted in a German data center.


We create and adjust this archive individually according to your wishes, whether it is to be publicly available online or to be used internally and password-protected for the internal use.

Transmission Technology

Each camera is equipped with a dual-SIM industrial router with 3G/4G capability. As a backup, an M2M SIM is used for worldwide roaming. This allows us to be sure to be connected to our camera systems at all times.


No additional IT infrastructure is needed on site.

The data transmission is always SSL encrypted and password protected.

Your Data

Our clients need no convincing of the versatile marketing opportunities afforded by a high quality timelapse production.

As one of our clients, you have unlimited usage rights to all images recorded and movies produced during your project, with the freedom to share and distribute as desired. You can show the films and photos at trade fairs, events and internet portals, publish material to TV channels and integrate them into your company presentation.

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