We are experts in time lapse projects. Our experience enables us to work independently through all aspects of the production, ensuring smooth implementation lightening the load for site and project managers. For example, we handle all camera positioning and installation solutions; customs and immigration formalities in distant countries; mobile networks and data rates; temperature extremes at the site; obtaining work permits from air safety authorities, roof owners and ship yards.


Our Films

Click to view: Time Lapse GalleryCreating cinematic timelapse films requires more than raw megapixels.
Here are three main areas where we distinguish ourselves from the competition:

1. Shooting Interval

Our MKtimelapse camera system is the world’s only time-lapse camera with a permanent recording interval of one image per minute. This gives us 1440 individual images in photographic quality every day. The difference: Soft light transitions instead of deep shadows tearing through the scene – this avoids visually disturbing flicker in the footage. Additionally, this shorter interval allows by-the-minute documentation of a project, which is beneficial for safety reasons amongst others. This is about more than megapixels, it’s about a highly specialized system with no wearing parts giving a perfect result for years to come.

2. Quality of Post-Production

During editing, the finished movie is pieced together from the raw images. Across the industry, this work is still often neglected for time-lapse movies. Only in careful post-production can the images be made perfectly continuous by stabilization, color correction, sound and titling. We invite you to explore other construction videos available online to understand what makes us different.

3. Experience

After more than 250 projects in 17 countries – on mountain summits, wind turbines and shipyards, in desert areas and at high-profile events – we have accumulated the experience to ensure success. Our clients trust us to select the appropriate camera locations and mounting solutions. We oversee ultra sensitive or time-critical projects, and deal with international customs regulations and differing international safety requirements of shipyards, industrial plants or offshore projects.

The Workflow



You tell us your requirements and we will put together a detailed plan which takes in the whole project. From determining the best vantage point and commissioning the camera to multiple-format film delivery and everything in between.

installation & setup

Installation & Setup

We bring our tailor-made systems to your site and once installed, co-ordinate with the office to fine-tune the camera – not leaving site until the client is content. You then gain access to the web interface and archive. An hourly image is transferred here over the mobile network from the camera’s database of timelapse images.


Control & Support

Control & Remote Support

We are always connected to our camera systems. Any deterioration of the image is quickly seen and dealt with. We can remotely adapt or upgrade the camera to change with your project. We guarantee the camera’s operation over the entire project length while also using fully certified industrial parts for the highest available level of reliability.

Film Release Date

Release Dates and Timelapse Film

We offer the highest level of flexibility during the editing process of your movie. Interim films can be provided to display progress at a milestone events or to your shareholders – from 90-second tablet versions to those suitable for cinema-scale displays, we tailor the footage to your specification. The finished film is delivered to you digitally in any format you desire, along with embedding code should you want to include it on your website.



MK liveview is a powerful monitoring tool for sharing progress online with colleagues and contractors, or for inclusion on your website to allow the general public to follow your flagship projects.

The hourly-uploaded high-resolution images can be browsed by date, downloaded to your computer or assembled into auto-generated timelapse clips. The interface can also be customised for greater simplicity (i.e. to display on a screen) or functionality (for site monitoring) – ask us!

Click to view: MK liveview Demo


Custom Solutions

We never use standard parts from the hardware store, but only the best components – often specially developed for us.

Some examples of the adaptability our systems:


  • Thermoelectric cooling option for temperatures up to 70°C
  • Color coding of the camera systems
  • Seawater-resistant and extremely storm-proof camera systems
  • Solar-powered camera systems
  • Mobile telescopic tower up to 25 meters high
  • Data connectivity via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or satellite
  • Satellite cameras for second perspective
  • Automated panorama for 180°+ viewing angles
  • Internal memory of up to 3TB



This applies to all variations of the MKtimelapse systems to combine reliability with cinematic quality.

To discuss feasibility and your specific requirements, please contact us.

Your Data

At MK timelapse, we firmly believe that you should be able to get the the most out of the vast amounts of media we create for you. You therefore have unlimited usage rights to all images recorded and movies produced during your project, with the freedom to share and distribute as desired.

As well as the finished videos and access to the online archive, we can also provide you a hard drive containing the raw images taken throughout the project, to use as stand-alone photos or to populate a new video project for editing from scratch by your chosen media company.


Other Services

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photography

With our UAV we can take visually striking aerial photographs or movies of your project at any scheduled visit.

Video Recording

Video Recording

We can on occasion make professional video recordings of opening ceremonies or other milestone events around the construction site.

Gigapixel Panorama

Gigapixel Panorama

Using a motorized panorama head, detailed photos of your site can be produced in Gigapixel format.