Since founding MKtimelapse, we have held ourselves responsible for producing the best quality time lapse movies. The most easily available technology isn’t quite good enough for us – our films will therefore always outclass any budget webcam solutions.

In addition to our camera technology, there are numerous other solutions that distinguish us – mounting solutions that survive hurricanes, post-production with special filters and a sophisticated workflow, individualized for each customer and with web solutions to suit.

MK V3, V4, V4II Camera Systems

The MK range of cameras are highly specialized systems, developed and built by us solely for use as time-lapse cameras. It is unique because it combines only the highest quality image recording with a robust design for years of reliability. It is the only time-lapse system able to generate millions of images in photographic quality with no signs of wear.

Full MKV3 System
The MKV3 Timelapse Camera System
Double skin, moveable hood
Double-skinned, moveable hood
Thermoelectric cooling
Thermoelectric cooling for up to +70°C

Technical Data

  • 16 Megapixel resolution MK V3
    40 Megapixel resolution MK V4
    50 Megapixel resolution MK V4II
  • Wear-free, electronic shutter
  • 1 image per minute captured continuously, 1440 images/day
  • 1 frame per second possible for up to 3 hours at a time
  • Up to 3 TB internal storage
  • Multiple recovery mechanisms
  • Resumes automatically after power loss
  • Online connection via dual sim 3G/4G Router, WiFi and/or Ethernet, optional satellite link
  • IP65 protective housing, powder-coated aluminum, sun visor
  • Tempered abrasion-resistant glass
  • Option for thermoelectric cooling (+70°C ambient, desert version)
  • Option for dehumidifier membrane (tropical version)
  • Option for windshield wipers with 6l water tank (24month reservoir)

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Camera Installation

25m mast with solar panelsWe have a large array or mounting possibilities from heavy-duty tripods, through scaffold-compatible mounts and custom-made stainless steel brackets to 25 meter (82′) mobile towers.

Telescopic lattice tower details:

  • Up to 25m continuously extendable
  • Set up time about 1-2 hours
  • Weight 4000 kg
  • Off-road capability
  • Solar power and battery bank for independent operation
  • All-weather, 24/7 operation

Our installations are stable and secure to eliminate any vibration and remain firmly in place through severe weather from storms to extreme heat. Additional security is provided by wire rope.

Lillian Towers box mountMHI camera mount with Magic Arm25m mast before sunset in AustriaMHI camera installation

MK siteview Web Interface and Archive

A tool that gives you instant access to your project, from any browser .With MK siteview you gain password-protected access to your site’s history as a comprehensive archive of live images of your project. New full-resolution photos are uploaded constantly from every camera used in your construction project – so you have easy access to images from the entire project duration.When off-site you might, for example, need to check or prove that your ordered material has actually been installed, or whether plans and predetermined schedules were adhered to.You can also download or share individual pictures from MK siteview. We can also provide an automated daily image email service, or create a link or microsite for embedding into your own website.
User: mksiteview
Pass: demo

Timelapse control centre siteview

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Data Management

Server Infrastructure

In order to safely store the terabytes of data generated for each project through to post-production, we rely on professional server technology with multiple redundancy. The data is stored on our RAID-5 server, then mirrored and housed separately on a back-up array. After completion of the project, all media is securely archived and can remain available even years later for further processing.

For projects with special security requirements, a data store can be set up on the customer’s premises.

Online Archive

In parallel with the storage of the raw data of the highest quality at high interval, we set up access to an online archive for our clients, which gives you quick access to photos of each stage of the project. We are happy to create this archive individually according to your wishes, whether it is to be publicly available or to be used internally and password-protected for the project manager.

Click to view: MK siteview Demo

Transmission Technology

We use industrial-grade 3G/4G routers which keep a stable connection anywhere with cellular coverage. This reduces installation time and the requirements on the client, who need not worry about providing connectivity or cabling. For areas with no or low cellular coverage such as those offshore, we can set up a connection via satellite or configure our cameras for an extremely low bandwidth.

Should the connection be interrupted or need to be kept offline for security reasons, our cameras carry on recording internally for at least 6 months thanks to an internal memory of 1 TB. The data transmission is always SSL encrypted and password protected.

Your Data

At MK timelapse, we firmly believe that you should be able to get the the most out of the vast amounts of media we create for you. You therefore have unlimited usage rights to all images recorded and movies produced during your project, with the freedom to share and distribute as desired.

As well as the finished videos and access to the online archive, we can also provide you a hard drive containing the raw images taken throughout the project, to use as stand-alone photos or to populate a new video project for editing from scratch by your chosen media company.

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Ski Resort
Hong Kong


The installation of our cameras is always secure and stable. But what happens when the whole site moves? If the only alternative is to mount on existing structures that aren’t so rigid?

MKtimelapse’s powerful hardware used in combination with sophisticated stabilization filters provide a perfect, calm result. This may require long hours and manual adjustment of the individual sequences, but the result is always worth the effort.

Color Correction

To make sure a camera takes good pictures in any given situation, the exposure needs to be as balanced and neutral as possible for maximum detail. In post however, fire can be brought out of a sunset on a cloudy day and reflections turned into beautiful shimmers.


Processed without care, a time-lapse movie can be fidgety and tiring to watch. The remarkably high resolution of our images allows us to zoom into the original shot without forfeiting sharpness.

We find calming secondary motion within the scene which is only visible through time-lapse, and emphasize this by slow camera panning and travelling within the shot. These truly cinematic time-lapse films never lose their appeal, letting you discover new detail upon every viewing.

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